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Plan B

"El lugar es ideal para descubrir y disfrutar nuevas combinaciones de sabores naturales, que te dejarán con ganas de probar otros tipos de gelato."

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México desconocido

"Muy cerca del centro de la ciudad de Mérida, en la calle 55 y 64, dentro de un local de helados, se lee el siguiente anuncio: ´Sabor del dia: Frijoles con puerco.´´"

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Punto Medio

"El tradicional sabor del frijol con puerco, ahora en helado."


Novedades Yucatan

"Polaca hace del frijol con puerco su receta secreta."

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New York Magazine

"...they’ve got the most innovative flavors..."


You'd head to this place even if you were   in the Arctic, it's that good. Get your tongue around full-cream, 100% natural gelati with some of the quirkiest flavours in ice-cream land. Flan de la Cubanita (Cuban-style vanilla custard) is quite addictive, while other flavors include cardamom, blue cheese and apple, and avocado.

Lonely Planet 

Top choice  ice cream in Mérida


Yucatan Expat Life

WestJet Magazine

Where the Souls Wander

"When  Pola  opened in November, Mérida’s Santa Lucia neighborhood continued  its ascent as a haven for all things  tasty and colorful."

"There are ice cream parlours and paleterias across the city, but POLA GELATO SHOP serves the most inventive flavors. "

"Make sure you stop by, trying these distinctive flavours is easily one of the best things to do in Mérida."

Michelin Guide 

"Divine, house-made gelato a block from Parque Santa Lucia in flavors like cardamom, chocolate with almond, orange peel, and a hint of coffee, and strawberry with lemon."


Mérida is one of Mexico’s steamiest cities. Icy treats are the answer. Pola Gelato Shop, in the Santa Lucía neighborhood of the historic city center (Centro), has regionally and seasonally inspired flavors like strawberry with x’catik (a local chile) and banana with hibiscus. Though the shop has a handful of tables, grab a cone (from 55 pesos, or about $3) and head down the block to Santa Lucía’s plaza.

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